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Potential Morel Mushroom Hunting Locations on State Land

Morel mushrooms often are found in locations where sizable fires (more than 10 acres) occurred the previous year. The mushrooms only will grow where there was a forested covertype; grass or other ground covers will not yield morels. Additionally, morel mushrooms are more likely to grow in burned areas where jack, white, or red pine once grew.

This map and information provide locations where fires greater than 10 acres in size - from either wildfires or prescribed burns - occurred in 2016. Please note that this map may provide details on the covertype that was burned; it's up to the user to investigate whether morel mushrooms will grow at any location included in the map. A location's inclusion on this map does not mean morels will be at the area identified. Additionally, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is not responsible for the incorrect identification of morel mushrooms by an individual.

Select an orange or red dot to see the total acreage of the fire and the latitude and longitude coordinates. Zoom in to an orange or red dot to see the forest covertype information (if available).


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